woman shackled to bed for two hours (uncut) 0
woman shackled to bed for two hours (uncut) 1
woman shackled to bed for two hours (uncut) 2
woman shackled to bed for two hours (uncut) 3
woman shackled to bed for two hours (uncut) 4

This clip lasts for 1 hour an 57 minutes. Everything is uncut. The young woman is shackled to a bed with a humane restraint institutional leather neck collar with a chain and with handcuffs and ankle cuffs to the bedframe. Handcuffed behind the back. 2 hours in this position are simply too much but she knows that this is only the beginn of a following night in restraints that is not filmed because it is too dark to film without light. Minute 41: Her briefs is taken off. 1 Hour 3 Minutes: Her handcuffs are fixed with a Martin Link to her waist chain to further reduce her movements. 1 Hour 21 Minutes: A Dildo is inserted into her cunt / vagina and fixed with a chain permanently to the waist chain. 1 hour 37 minutes: A butt / anal plug is inserted and also fixed permanently with the chain to the waist chain. In the last minutes of the video the woman is penetrated with a vibrator (with dildo and plug still inside her). The woman is used to this standard procedure of female inmates that resist the prison order because she is part of this high security treatment since a while. She knows that there is no way to escape the restraints because she tried it so hard in the past. The woman is under constantly medical surveillance in an modern style jail room.