Woman tied up for 7 hours (part 11 of 14) 0
Woman tied up for 7 hours (part 11 of 14) 1
Woman tied up for 7 hours (part 11 of 14) 2
Woman tied up for 7 hours (part 11 of 14) 3
Woman tied up for 7 hours (part 11 of 14) 4

This clip (part 11/14) shows the eleventh 30 Minutes (Minute 300 to Minute 330) of a 7 hour long video (part 1/14 to 14/14 show a woman bound permanently. Part 12/14 is coming soon). The woman is strapped to a bed with medical restraints ( segufix, biocare ) that are used in institutions like hospitals, jails / prisons and psychiatries for non compliant and resisting patients / inmates that endanger themselves or others. She is secured with a five point restraint. In this clip the woman managed to escape from one of her wrist cuffs but this is the very first and the very last time because the doctor recognised it soon and strapped both wrist cuffs one hole tighter. So her satisfaction didn't lasts for long time. After the the doctor allowed her to stand up to eat in the clip before this clip (clip 10/14), she gets strapped an dildo in her cunt and one in her ass. That's a measure that she doesn't ask to often to get a break. And she askes not often because she especially doesn't like the butt plug at all. When the doctor removes the dildos he penetrates her a little with the vaginal dildo. This clip shows the eleventh 30 minutes (part 11/14) of a 7 hour long video (part 1/14 to 14/14) showing a woman bound / tied up permanently.

Cuffed - Retainer - Dildos  0
Cuffed - Retainer - Dildos  1
Cuffed - Retainer - Dildos  2
Cuffed - Retainer - Dildos  3
Cuffed - Retainer - Dildos  4

Shackled in Handcuffs for almost two hours. Wearing legcuffs most of the time. The woman is wearing retainers with headgear all the time.

From Minute 4 to 42 she is handcuffed and her hands attached to a leather transport belt.

Then the cuffs get changed to even more secure cuffs: her hands get handcuffed and attached with a chain to her waist. In addition there is a Bluebox and Tubes used to further restrict movements.

From 01:07:30 she gets an vaginal dildo in her cunt and attached with the chain permanently.

From 01:21:45 she gets in addition an anal dildo in her ass and attached with the chain permanently, too.

From 01:38:00 she tries to open a bottle. This is not easy at all with her restraints so she takes some minutes for that. But in the end she is sucessful and very happy about that. Good girl!

From time to time she reads out of the newspaper and has some lisp because of the retainers.

She has to walk from time to time in order to get used to her permanent restraints and dildos.

At the end of the video the doctor removes her dildos so that she can go to toilet (the toilet scene is not on the video). But before he penetrates her ass with the anal dildo.